Friends for peace

Volunteer police officers in hamptons roads are being called on to investigate an incident involving a driver who left a cyclist in a coma.

The man who was injured was taken to hospital in a serious condition and his identity has not been released.

Volunteer police officers have been called in to investigate after a cyclist was left in a comatose state.

Hampton Roads are investigating after a man was left comatosed after leaving a cyclist on a road on Tuesday afternoon.

“The road has been cordoned off and road traffic is being re-established,” a spokesman for the Hamptons Roads Agency said.

The spokesman added that police would be liaising with the Civil Aviation Authority and the State Emergency Service and were urging anyone who saw a cyclist with any signs of distress or distress, or was in a vehicle that had been involved in an accident, to call 111.

Police have not released a description of the cyclist who was taken by ambulance to hospital.

Witnesses told the Hampton Roads Agency that they saw the man with a white sheet covering his head, covered in blood and crying.

“I saw the police officer run out and ask people to call the ambulance, and I was just thinking ‘this man needs help’,” a woman who did not want to be named told the agency.

A number of other witnesses who also did not wish to be identified told the ABC that they witnessed a white man with white clothes and white shoes leaving the scene.

“There were lots of police cars in the area,” another witness said.

“It was just the way things were unfolding.

The man was trying to get away from the vehicle and then the ambulance came.

People were screaming and he was crying.

It was just terrible.”

Police say they are working closely with the ambulance service to investigate what happened.

While the police investigation is ongoing, the Hamtons Roads Association says it has not heard of any reports of road users being left comas by volunteers in recent weeks.

“Our first concern is for the cyclist, our priority is the cyclist,” a spokesperson for the association said.


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