Friends for peace

A Jewish community that has long struggled to find a rabbi after the death of its most beloved leader has turned to a different source: a charity.

A new initiative to raise money for Rabbi Yoel Meir has garnered international attention.

Meir’s wife, Rabbi Yehuda, died last week, and his brother, Rabbi Shmuel Meir, also died earlier this year.

The new organization, the Jewish Community in Israel, was founded by the family of Rabbi Yoels Meir and Rabbi Shlomo Meir.

Rabbi Meir is the country’s highest-ranking rabbi.

The family has said that it is seeking to help the country find a Rabbi.

The Jewish Community has been in the midst of a crisis.

For the past four years, the Meir family has been searching for a rabbi who could be the next leader.

The family’s search took them to Israel, where they visited a number of rabbis who are available.

The organization was founded in November 2012, but only began fundraising for its first year in the United States.

The organization, which was launched with the assistance of an anonymous donor, hopes to raise $15,000 by July, the amount that would be needed to replace Rabbi Yoiel Meir with a new leader.

For Meir to succeed, the group will need to raise a total of $150,000, and will need at least two Rabbis to agree to the process.

The group’s website states that its mission is to “foster a Jewish life that respects the dignity of all human beings, while also recognizing the uniqueness of each individual.”

The group hopes to be a beacon for Jews everywhere, the website states.

A group of people are determined to save the Jewish people, and not only the Jews of Israel.

It is their mission to do so.

They want to save our people, but they also want to do this in Israel as well.

The website’s website also states that the group “believes that all lives matter, that we have a right to be free from oppression and violence, and that all people should be able to live and work without discrimination or harassment.”

The mission of this organization is to be the voice of the Jewish community and the voice that all Israelis need.”


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