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Ten years ago, the Presidential Volunteer Award was awarded to a former senator for her service to her state and country.

Now, the presidential volunteer award has shifted to a group of people who provide free and volunteer-driven activities to their communities.

Presidential volunteer awards focus on the people who are able to work for their community, but are also motivated to make a difference.

They can also be given to those who provide jobs for the needy or those who have a desire to serve their community.

Here’s a look at the presidential campaign volunteer awards, which have been given out to candidates for the last seven years.PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMAPresident Barack Obama’s presidential volunteer program was launched in 2008.

Since then, over 4.6 million people have been served.

This year, more than 2.3 million have signed up.

Obama is still the winner, though, and the president is now the recipient of the Presidential Campaign Volunteer Award.

The award is given to the person who has demonstrated that he or she can help others.

It is awarded to anyone who has volunteered their time and energy for at least one campaign or causes in the last three years.

Obama received the award for his work to help children and young adults in need and the communities in which he lives.

He is also the recipient for his involvement in education.

The president’s team gave the award to two people: former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and former U,S.

Sen. John McCain.

The former senator was instrumental in getting Obama to declare a state of emergency in the state of Texas in 2011.

In January 2016, McCain received the Presidential Commemorative Medal of Freedom for his services to the state during the state’s disastrous floods.

In addition to helping to address flood and flood risk, McCain was a leader in helping communities recover.

As the President of the United States, he also served as a chief of staff to former President Bill Clinton, who also received the presidential commemorative medal of freedom.

The former President also received a Presidential Volunteer award for serving as the first African American to serve in the U. S. Senate.

The presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton is also receiving the presidential medal of Freedom.

The program was started by former President Jimmy Carter in 1993.

Clinton is now one of three former presidents who have received the honor.

Former President George W. Bush and former President Barack Obama have both received the accolade.

Clinton’s team also gave the president the Presidential Candidate Commemoration Medal of Honor, which is given annually to those whose actions have furthered the goals of the American people.

Former President Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. and his wife, Michelle Obama, received the medal of honor in January.

The Obamas have also received Presidential Commendation Medals of Honor.

The Obamas also received an honorary Presidential Medal of Excellence in 2013.

Former president Bill Clinton also received two Presidential Commensurate Medal of Courage awards in February, which was presented to the President by former Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Bill Clinton’s administration also provided financial assistance to a number of groups that had been suffering under extreme financial hardship due to the Great Recession.

The Clinton Foundation was awarded a Presidential Commended Medal of Service award in 2011 for its assistance to organizations in the South African mining industry.

Former first lady Michelle Obama has also been a prolific volunteer.

She has also taken on other public service projects to make the world a better place.

The first lady has served as the First Lady for six years, and she has served on several boards of non-profits.

In 2009, the first lady and first lady’s daughter, Malia, became the first woman in the White House to receive the Presidential Medal for Services to the Nation.

She also received awards for her work with the U2 music group, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Women in Tech Leadership Award.