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The Thanksgiving rush is on.

It’s officially here, and there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself on the road.

Here’s everything you need to know.1.

How much is it going to cost?

There are two options to estimate how much it will cost to attend Thanksgiving in 2018.

The first is to buy tickets, which will be available for purchase online and in person at the Holiday Ticket Office at the Walt Disney World Resort.

The second option is to rent the hotel rooms at the resort, which can be purchased in advance through your hotel, or you can purchase them directly from the hotel.2.

What’s the rush?

The Disney Parks Blog reported that this is the busiest Thanksgiving rush in history, and the number of guests on the roads is increasing exponentially.

The resort is expecting up to 2.3 million guests, which means they’ll have room to accommodate everyone.3.

Will there be a big increase in the number who will be arriving by car?

No, but the Disney ParksBlog noted that the number could reach 5 million.

There will also be increased demand for rides, which are available at the Resort.4.

Will I be able to take my family to the resort?

The Resort says it will be open at 10 a.m. and close at 9 p.m., but guests should plan on arriving no later than 8 p. and not more than 6 hours after the resort closes.5.

When is the rush starting?

Tickets for the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney Parks will go on sale at 11 a.p.m..

Tickets for Disney’s Hollywood Studios will go up at noon, while Disneyland Resort stays open at 5 p.M.

The resorts are offering discounts of up to 30 percent.6.

Is there a waitlist?

Yes, reservations for the Thanksgiving weekend will be held through Friday, Nov. 26.

But Disney says that it’s only a matter of time before there are people waiting for reservations.7.

How can I reserve a hotel room?

There is a reservation system for hotel rooms, which is currently being rolled out.

For more information, click here.8.

How many hotels are there at the resorts?

There will be five Disney Parks Guest House Guest Centers at Walt Disney’s Florida Keys Resort, three in California and three in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Each Guest House will have room for 30 guests, or four rooms per Guest House.9.

Will they offer breakfast and lunch?


There are no dining options at the Guest House at the Florida Keys resort.

However, guests can enjoy lunch on the beach in a designated area or at the Beach Club in Florida.10.

Can I take my kids to the Resort?


The Disney Family Activities Center will be offering activities at the Disney Springs area, as well as the Disney Family Campground at the parks.11.

Will my car be towed?


Disney says it’s taking its vehicles off the road and removing them from the area.

They also say that their cars will be removed from the parking lot of the resort.

If you want to leave the resort for some reason, you can do so through a gate.12.

How long will it take for my car to be towed or removed?

If you’re still waiting for your car to leave, it will take approximately one week to a month to remove it from the resort or to drive it to a destination.


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