Friends for peace

This is a guest post by Helen Foy, who works for Animal Aid in Montgomery County.

Helen is a volunteer at the United Way and works with volunteers to organise their events, as well as other social and cultural activities.

She also runs an animal shelter, which she describes as a “social welfare and shelter”.

“I’ve been volunteering at a shelter for 15 years and it’s one of the reasons I’m in the charity business.

I think it’s a good way to make a difference.”

Volunteer vacancies have been growing in the community Helen says the charity sector has been struggling with the rise in volunteer vacancies.

So it’s good that people are looking for ways to make things easier. “

People are getting older and they’re getting sicker, and there’s a lot more people out there who are getting sick.”

So it’s good that people are looking for ways to make things easier.

“It’s a little more about helping people and having a good conversation with them.”

Volunteer vacancy in Australia, 2017 The UK and Ireland have the highest number of vacancies for volunteer positions.

The United States has a smaller number of volunteer vacancies compared to other countries, but the numbers are rising.

The number of UK volunteer vacancies has increased by 33% over the last 12 months.

It’s the highest level since 2014, when the number was only 17% higher.

Volunteer vacancies in Australia for 2017 Source: Volunteer vacancy for volunteers in Australia by profession, 2017-2018 (monthly figures) Country Year Percentage Increase United Kingdom 22% (5,914) Australia 15% (3,829) United States 3% (1,903) Canada 2% (0) Ireland 1% (9) Australia (Netherlands) 4% (2,056) United Kingdom 1% Source: Volunteering Australia by industry, 2017 to 2018 (month) Country Rank Percentage Increase (n) (numbers) (2017) Australia 2.7% (8,073) Ireland 2.6% (4,076) Canada 1.9% (6,831) Canada (Quebec) 1.7 (4) Australia 1.5% (10,973) Australia 5.9 (3) United Nations 1.2% (18,931) Ireland 5.4 (1) Australia 4.4% (12,937) Canada 4.3% (11,814) Canada Source: Australian Government and Volunteer Workforce Strategy 2016 (PDF, 1.3MB) The UK has been on the rise for many years.

“We’ve seen an increase in volunteer numbers in the UK in the last few years, and we’re on track to meet our target,” says Helen.

“But we also need to look at other areas, and the UK has a really high turnover of volunteers, so we need to do some things to ensure they have the skills they need to volunteer in those other areas.”

Volunteer Vacancies, 2017 Australia, England and Wales, 2016-2017 (year ending March) Volunteer vacancies, by industry in 2017-18, by occupation (number) Country % Increase (2016-2017) (pounds) United states 2.4 16,739 United Kingdom 2.2 14,719 Canada 2.1 14,575 Australia 1 10,835 Canada (Nova Scotia) 0 8,567 United Kingdom (Scotland) 0 7,923 United States 0 6,633 Ireland 0 5,521 Ireland (Northern Ireland) 0 4,852 Australia 0 3,532 Australia (Queensland) 0 3


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