Friends for peace

Volunteer Eyecare is a New Jersey-based nonprofit dedicated to helping people who are visually impaired with basic tasks and medical needs.

Volunteers can be in the home, office, and/or in the community, including at events and events-sponsored events, to work and volunteer with the organization, or they can be at the front lines of a rescue, recovery, or other health or community mission.

Volunteers may be working for a variety of organisations, including local non-profits, government agencies, and churches.

Volunteers must be able to communicate clearly, work quickly, and be willing to share their expertise with others.

Volunteers who want to volunteer at a public event must be certified in the English language, or be willing and able to demonstrate the ability to communicate fluently.

Volunteers need to be able and willing to be in a position to help others.

This requirement does not apply to volunteer interpreters or social workers.

Volunteer programs are available for individuals with disabilities.

You can also contact volunteer eycare for a volunteer application.

Volunteer groups are also available.

Volunteer Programs Volunteers may apply for volunteers programs through the Volunteer Programs section of the organization’s website.

Volunteer organizations are available to meet the needs of people with vision disabilities, people with hearing disabilities, and people with cognitive disabilities.

The New Jersey Department of Community Health (NJDEP) has a list of charities that are assisting with the accessibility of services for people with disability, including services that assist people with physical, mental, and speech disabilities.

People with vision impairments are also welcome to volunteer in the Community Service area.

In New Jersey, individuals with special needs are considered people with special need.

This means that people with visual impairment may not be able or legally required to receive or use the services of a public or private facility.

The NJDEP website has a variety, including the following programs.

Learn more about the NJDEP’s volunteer program for people who have vision impairment. Learn More


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