Friends for peace

By Tim Chisholm and Matthew TindallThe third harvest of volunteer interns is on its way to Australia. 

The number of interns who have applied to become a full-time member of the NSW Ambulance Service is up from 12,814 last year, and the number of full-timers is up 3,917 from this year’s peak, a spokesperson for Ambulances NSW confirmed to  The Daily Telegraph. 

There are a total of 5,934 interns applying for full-timer status. 

In NSW, interns are required to live in their host communities for six months, but the average stay is between two and three months. 

“Interns work under very challenging conditions.

They must be up-to-date on local issues, they must be able to work independently and work in a team,” NSW Ambolance Service CEO Peter Turetsky told  The Telegraph.”

They must have the ability to learn new skills.

It’s a demanding job.

Interns need to be able and willing to commit to a long-term commitment.”

Interns also have to work under a three-year contract, and have to be in good physical and mental health, the spokesperson said.

Interns are required, however, to live and work independently for three months before being considered full-term interns, the NSW spokesperson added.

In Australia, the third harvest is currently being held at the Ambulancers Reserve in NSW, with the third and final harvest expected to be completed at the end of the year.


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