Friends for peace

India has seen a dramatic increase in food bank volunteers abroad in recent months, with almost a third of the country’s food banks now open to overseas volunteers.

Over half of the food banks across the country are open to international volunteers, according to a study conducted by the Centre for Applied Economic Research.

More than a third (36.5%) of the 5.4 lakh food banks are open in India to international volunteer, compared with just 3.3% in 2014.

This is despite the fact that the government has made it difficult for volunteers to receive any benefits from India.

The most common reason given for not being eligible to receive benefits is lack of time.

In 2016, almost half (47%) of all volunteers said they were unable to find a suitable time to work in India.

In contrast, only 9.3 per cent said they could not find a time that worked for them.

As part of the initiative, the Government has also announced that it will expand the availability of the Centre’s food bank network by making it easier for people to use the service.

“The Government of India has extended a call for volunteers abroad to participate in a programme in which they are eligible for benefits from the Centre and can take part in the activities of the centre,” an official release said.

“This programme is aimed at bringing the best talent to the food bank.

This is the first time in the history of India that the programme has been expanded to include overseas volunteers,” the release added.

In the past, it has been a requirement for volunteers who wanted to volunteer to receive a financial incentive, but this is the only time that such a financial package has been made available to them.

India’s government has also made it a requirement to provide financial incentives to those who volunteer abroad, but in some cases, these incentives are not given to all volunteers.

The most common reasons given for the failure to be eligible for the incentive package are not working at the time of the interview, having no family to care for, and being unable to travel overseas to work.


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