Friends for peace

CHICAGO — The city’s literacy volunteers are ready to do what it takes to keep kids from falling behind and stay ahead in the new education system, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters, Emanuel, who has pushed to make education more accessible, said the city’s two-week reading workshop is a great example of the kinds of things that can happen if people step up.

The reading workshop will begin with a video presentation and then a discussion on how kids can get a sense of how to use technology, he said.

The workshop will also include workshops for parents, community members, and educators on how to create and manage a social media campaign, create a classroom video, and create a mobile app to help teachers and parents monitor the work of their students, Emanuel said.

The workshop, which is the second of two planned for the year, is an example of how the city is investing in its new education model, Emanuel pointed out.

The city has been working to modernize the educational experience and address challenges of the new learning environment.

The program will also highlight ways that the city can continue to expand the reach of literacy programs in the coming years, Emanuel added.

Chicago’s new mayor has also said that the state needs to invest in more programs and training to help students who don’t have the resources to learn from the best teachers, but who also struggle with academic challenges, like language skills.

The Illinois Education Agency, a state agency, said in February that the Illinois State Teachers’ Association has asked the Illinois Education Department to provide $5 million to help improve the skills of Chicago’s literacy workers, who often lack access to technology.

In addition to the funding, the state also wants to create a mentorship program for literacy workers and help them access job training and other opportunities.


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