Friends for peace

I can’t imagine anyone going into the construction industry without some kind of electrical training, so it was quite a shock when I received an e-mail asking if I wanted to volunteer at a local electrician shop.

But that’s exactly what I did.

I was immediately impressed by the professionalism of the electricians I worked with and by the amount of energy they put into their work.

I had been working as a construction worker and had been a home-owner for more than 10 years.

I felt like a true electrician, someone who knew how to work with a screwdriver, drill and other tools.

I also felt more at home in a building with electricians than I had in my previous jobs, which made me feel like a real electrician.

But I had a question that I needed to ask.

Why did I want to work in a small-scale electrician company?

I needed a job to pay the bills, so I decided to join the electrician’s union and work full-time.

As the first electrician I worked for, I learned a lot about the business and its workers.

I even learned about the history of the industry and the history behind the work.

While I learned about electricians in the United States, in Israel I had to learn a little about the workers in the country.

The Israelis are known for their strong working environment and high wages.

When I joined the union, I was expecting a lower salary, but I was surprised to see that my pay was actually comparable to what my colleagues were making in the States.

And when I saw the work that they did every day, it gave me a great sense of pride.

I am a self-employed electrician who works with a different kind of company.

Since I was in the union I was eligible for a pension and health insurance.

I would then work with my union to make sure that I was getting the benefits I wanted, and to protect myself from lawsuits.

At first, it was difficult to get work, but as I was becoming more experienced, I became more comfortable.

I learned more about the people in the electric company and their needs.

I found out that there was a lot of passion for electricians, which I felt was very important.

I liked the idea of being able to work part-time because I wanted a job that would keep me focused on my career.

After several months, I decided that I wanted more.

I knew that I had plenty of energy to dedicate to the job.

I asked the electric workers to help me with the details of my plan.

It was important that I have a good plan for the job I wanted.

I started thinking about the different types of work that I could do and how I could keep myself on track.

I worked on a project that I loved.

It required a lot out of me, so we worked out how to pay off the loan to build it and how much we could raise the funds to cover the costs of labor and supplies.

It is a huge undertaking and it took a lot longer than I expected.

The project required an enormous amount of time and effort, but the work was rewarding and enjoyable.

During my time as an electrician and in the construction field, I realized that I really like to work.

It’s not something I had done before and I felt that it was important to keep doing it.

I am really happy that I found a new passion and that I’m making a difference in the world.

When I joined up with the electric union, it felt like I was at a new level of work.

The company I worked at was a good fit for me.

I thought that the company was going to pay me well and help me pay off my loans.

But it wasn’t easy to find the right place to work, so that was a big challenge.

I needed some support from the union.

I took the initiative to tell them about my situation and what I wanted from the company.

The union and the company had a lot in common, so they were able to find me a place that worked for me and the project.

I loved the company and I had the opportunity to become a member.

A few weeks later, I heard from the CEO of the company that I would be working in the building I was designing.

He told me that he would be hiring a lot more electricians because the company is now looking for a new electrician to join them.

He explained that the new electricians would be paid a good salary and would have a job as a full-fledged electrician within a year.

I decided at that point to take my new job as an electrical electrician for the company, because I had already experienced some of the benefits that come with joining the union and had learned a few things about working in a big electric company.

After my first month, I started working full-day shifts at a construction site, which allowed me to take advantage of


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