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Hospitals in Ohio are giving people medical care because of a crisis that was brewing for years and the state’s health system is understaffed.

Ohio’s Medicaid system is the only state that doesn’t offer benefits to people with pre-existing conditions.

That’s left hospitals struggling to keep up with patients who aren’t in need of care.

But it’s not only hospitals that are stepping in to help.

The state Department of Human Services has created a special unit that offers medical care to residents of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, assisted outpatient facilities, home health agencies and other facilities.

The unit was created to help patients who are in need but are not eligible for Medicaid because they are under age 65.

It also will offer services like transportation to and from the hospital and transportation to a medical center, and a place to get a prescription.

The special unit will also help to provide medical supplies and supplies for patients, according to the department.

The new unit was first created in 2015.

It will help to stabilize nursing homes as the state transitions to a new Medicaid system.

The department has also created a separate nursing home unit, the Ohio State Nurses and Family Planning Program, that will help residents who need medical care but are ineligible for Medicaid under the state plan.

The program, which is a partnership between the state, the Cleveland Clinic and other hospitals, has more than 3,500 residents and has been in place since 2017.

The nursing home program was created after a patient with pre -existing conditions, like diabetes or heart disease, was placed in a nursing home and needed medical care.

That patient was referred to the state-run Cleveland Clinic, which then began providing medical care for them.

The Cleveland Clinic’s program has been able to provide treatment for nearly 20,000 people in the past three years.

However, the program has only been able do so for a handful of patients.

For the past two years, the nursing home units have been staffed by staff members from the Cleveland County Jail and the county jail’s mental health unit, as well as from the Ohio Health and Human Services Bureau.

They’ve also helped to run two clinical sites.

The county jail and mental health program have helped more than 200,000 Ohioans in the last three years, said county spokeswoman Laura St. Clair.

In the past year, the unit has helped patients in five different counties, said St. Claire.

St. Clair said it’s a very important part of the state system and it is a great example of how we can get the services we need to keep our citizens safe.

The nurses and family planning program was established in 2017.

It has helped more 2,400 people in three counties in the previous two years.

The department plans to expand the program in 2018.

The bureau also has a nurse-centered program, where nurses and social workers provide services to help people who need it.

The bureau is currently helping two dozen people who are living in a mental health facility.


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