Friends for peace

Volunteer tutors are giving the canine family a chance to learn some of the skills needed to survive in a cat-infested city.

Key points:Volunteers are teaching cats to eat, groom and be pet friendly, to help them survive in cat-filled MelbourneVolunteer tutors at the kaiiser permanentee pet shelter are also helping dogs surviveIn the past week, the KAISER Foundation has been training volunteers in how to take care of cats and dogs, and helping them to feed, groom, and be a pet-friendly family in Melbourne’s CBD.

The KAISSER Foundation, a non-profit organisation that focuses on animal welfare, is now offering a service to cat owners and their cats to train and train for.

It’s an opportunity for people to have a pet and learn how to keep it safe and comfortable, and also for cat lovers to learn how the city cat-owners can be a part of helping their beloved pets survive in Melbourne.

“This is a very important service to help people understand what happens in cat and dog situations and how it’s important to treat each other with respect,” KAIDS CEO David Cunliffe said.

“They’re also looking to make the cat and canine community safer in Melbourne, as well as being a positive source of income.”

The charity has also teamed up with the Cats Are Not Animals charity to offer cat-friendly dog and cat-human pairings for free.

“We think it’s really important that people understand that there’s a cat, dog and a human life and that there are so many benefits that come with the cat, canine and human relationship,” Mr Cunlliffe said.””

For example, it’s good for the animals and good for our environment.

It’s a safe place for everyone.

“Volunteering at the KAH-ER Pet Shelter, in the heart of Melbourne’s west, is a great way for people who live in the CBD to take part in the pet-shelter experience.

Volunteist Kitty-Katie Jones, who volunteers at the pet shelter, said the training was a great opportunity for her to learn about the different types of animals people are bringing to the shelter.”

I’ve got to say, it is one of the best things that has happened for me,” she said.

Voluntary tutoring for cats and dog is a common thing to do around the country, and the KAWESER Foundation hopes to expand its reach to more people, especially cat owners, to better prepare them for cat and human interactions.”

There are a lot of people who do not have the knowledge of how to be able to care for a cat and how to treat it properly,” Ms Jones said.”[We’re] going to give people a chance for them to get that experience with us.

“Hopefully, it will give them a bit more confidence to come and help.”



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