Friends for peace

Volunteer fire departments, or “volunteers,” are essential to helping communities fight fires and save lives.

They are also the backbone of the American way of life.

But they are also at risk of extinction.

They have a long history of being abused and mistreated, with some people even being jailed for fighting fires.

But a new report suggests that volunteer fire departments have already fallen victim to what the organization, the American Firefighters Association, calls “the biggest fire disaster in the U, a collapse of trust.”

As we’ve reported on several times, volunteer firefighting was in a very fragile position in the early 2000s.

In response to the 2008 economic collapse, the government began providing grants to the fire departments.

These grants have now largely dried up, but many states are making it harder to receive them by cutting back on funding for their programs.

In 2014, the Federal Emergency Management Agency declared that volunteer departments were in crisis.

So how does a volunteer fire brigade survive without funding?

The answer to that question is a lot of work.

The American Volunteer Firefighter Association has a mission to “provide emergency preparedness, disaster response and relief services to Americans and their families who are in need.”

This is not just the goal of volunteer fire organizations.

It is a core value of the U


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