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If you’re a volunteer working in a remote community, the chances are you’ve already experienced a significant increase in your chances of contracting the coronavirus.

While it’s still possible to be infected, the virus has become extremely contagious in many parts of the world and most people don’t realise how close they are to getting infected.

So, in order to prevent spreading the virus, volunteers are being trained to avoid certain situations.

Here are some tips for those who might be interested in taking part in this year’s VR challenge: 1.

Use public transport.

The best way to avoid catching the coronovirus is to use public transport, even if you’ve got a public holiday.

If you do choose to travel to a place where there is a coronaviolosis outbreak, you should ensure you get checked regularly for signs of the virus.

And, if you have a travel companion, you’ll want to be on their case.

The virus can be particularly hard to spot if you are on a train or bus, where there are no screens, so you might want to consider bringing along a mobile phone, tablet or camera.


Use a mask and gloves.

While the virus is relatively mild, it can cause respiratory problems, including breathing difficulty, coughing, and shortness of breath.

You should always wear a mask, regardless of the risk.

Wear one if you’re in a crowded area, if travelling with other people or if you work in a hot environment, especially if you may be exposed to body fluids or body fluids that contain virus-contaminated material.


If a volunteer has been exposed to the virus while on public transport and you have symptoms, ask to use a private transport.

If your colleague has been infected and has symptoms, you can ask the organisation to take your colleague to a local health unit.

If the volunteer has not been exposed, the organisation can refer you to a specialist hospital.

The specialist can assess the symptoms and provide treatment.


Be cautious if you don’t know if you’ll be travelling on public or private transport again.

If they do ask you to use private transport, make sure you’re wearing a mask when you’re on public, and wear gloves when you are working in public.


If someone you know has been vaccinated and you’ve travelled to a country with a coronoviolosis epidemic, talk to the person about being vaccinated.

If he or she has symptoms and doesn’t have any signs of exposure, contact the local health authorities and let them know.


Know your own personal precautions.

You may be able to avoid exposure if you follow these tips: Limit how much food you eat.

If possible, stay home from a meal or meal-making activity that is scheduled outside of work hours.

If not, take some extra food to reduce the risk of contracting respiratory symptoms.

Limit the number of times you visit your GP, dentist or dentist assistant.

If these appointments are at home, wear long-sleeved shirts and gloves, and keep your hair in a ponytail or ponytail style.


Don’t let your symptoms get you down.

If symptoms do get you, you may still be able have some symptoms, but if you get them they may not be as bad as you thought.

There are treatments available that can help you feel better.

For example, the Australian Collaborative Vaccination Network can help.

If no treatment is available, you will need to be tested.

If that doesn’t work, your GP or dentist may recommend you see a specialist.


Know that you’re not the only one who is being tested.

Many of us are already getting tested and vaccinated, and we can’t wait for the coronas to arrive.

Donning a mask can be a good way to protect yourself from any virus that might be transmitted to you or your family.

If, however, you don, contact your GP if you notice any unusual symptoms.

The Australian Collaboration Vaccination Center can be contacted on 1800 333 657.


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