Friends for peace

Africa’s national volunteer month has come and gone, and the next big volunteer event will take place on April 22.

But it’s important to know who the next volunteer will be, and what kind of work he or she will be doing.

The National Volunteer Month, which officially begins April 16, is an annual celebration of the work of volunteers and the dedication to their cause that is so important to African countries, says David L. Pernice, the head of volunteer recruitment for the African Union (AU).

The term “volunteer” refers to the millions of African people who help out across the continent every year.

For many of these people, volunteering is a way to make a difference, especially in the developing world.

“Volunteering is a great way for young people to become active, and in the next year or two, they’ll be more active as a whole country,” Pernices says.

“Volunteers are people who want to contribute to society and they can’t just come out and do a job.

They need to understand the world around them and they need to be able to understand how the world works.”

Volunteer-led campaigns work through several different levels of responsibility, depending on the level of support they are receiving.

The most basic level of involvement is volunteering, which means doing the same job and getting the same pay.

For those who are working in a nonprofit, such as the United Nations, this level of responsibility is a bit more complex.

The UN and other international agencies are working to build a network of volunteer-led NGOs and NGOs-led businesses that will help African countries better equip their youth with the skills they need for a better future.

There are also a number of other volunteer activities, such the creation of local volunteer networks, which can be incredibly valuable for those who work in these industries.

“There’s a lot of people who need help with their own work, and there are people in these countries who need jobs that aren’t being done,” says Mabeka Nkosi, executive director of the African National Electoral Commission (ANCED), which runs volunteer registration and recruitment in Africa.

“If there’s an opportunity for people to make that kind of contribution, that’s a great thing.

But if it’s something that’s really going to benefit the people in the communities, then that’s something else.”

To help African governments meet the needs of this growing number of volunteers, the AU has set up its National Volunteer Partnership (NVP), which includes organizations that offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.

The first NVP partners, the African African Youth League (AUYL), are already well established in the African region.

They provide a network for young adults from across Africa to join in and help support local youth organizations.

The AUYL’s volunteer coordinator, Yolanda Zulu, is also an expert on local volunteer work and has worked on many African countries for the AU.

Zulu says the AUYL has been successful in the South African province of Cape Town, where over a thousand young people from across the country have been volunteering since its inception.

“We’ve worked with over 4,000 people in that one year, and they’ve done all kinds of different things,” she says.

In the province of Zululand, she says, over 2,500 people have joined up with AUYL.

In addition to volunteering, AUYL offers education and training to local youth, and has partnered with the International Youth Network (IYN) in Africa (IYL-Africa).

IYN is a network comprised of local youth associations that offer training and mentorship to those who wish to become volunteers.

These groups have worked with AUYL and other youth organizations to provide training and technical assistance to local volunteers.

According to IYL-Agenesis, more than 100,000 youth in Africa have participated in volunteer work through its Youth for Africa programme, which provides youth from over 150 African countries with the knowledge and skills to become effective and successful volunteers.

The IYL also provides support to young people who are interested in learning to become a better version of themselves through training.

According the IYL, over 90 percent of the people who participate in volunteer activities come from the most disadvantaged groups, and those who volunteer are more likely to have family ties or social connections.

“We have to take responsibility to make sure that people who have those connections are able to participate in our communities, because it’s the right thing to do,” IYL founder and executive director Adriaan de Groot says.

As the number of African volunteers continues to grow, the number and importance of their work will only grow.

“It’s not just about volunteering, it’s about being involved in a project that has a positive impact on people’s lives,” Parnice says.


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