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Volunteer bank workers across the US are having a hard time keeping their job as banks are increasingly relying on the services of volunteers, according to a survey released on Wednesday.

The US Department of Labor’s survey, which examined bank worker and bank volunteer experience, found that about 70% of bank workers surveyed said they did not have enough volunteers to fill positions.

It also found that bank workers were experiencing a “substantial lack of job opportunities” for those who were willing to work, with less than half of those surveyed volunteering for any bank job.

“The overwhelming majority of bank worker volunteer experience does not lead to an employment opportunity,” the report said.

“Only 37% of workers surveyed indicated they would be able to fill the positions they were assigned.

In contrast, about 60% of volunteer bank worker experience leads to employment.”

The survey comes just days after the US Senate voted overwhelmingly to pass legislation that will allow more than 10 million bank employees to qualify for paid family leave, a key feature of President Donald Trump’s efforts to bolster the economy.US Senator Bernie Sanders has called for a paid family and medical leave measure that would provide more than 7 million people with up to six weeks of paid leave, but it is unclear whether the legislation will pass the Senate.

The legislation is currently being considered by the Senate Banking Committee, which has a majority of Republicans.


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