Friends for peace

Volunteers across the United States, and in many cases, the world, are donating to charities.

But one of the biggest ways they’re doing that is through their own volunteering.

Philadelphis residents are giving away their time, energy and money in a variety of ways.

For the first time, the Philadelphia Volunteer Center is asking Philadelpers to give back, using their own dollars and volunteering to help local charities.

Philadephia residents are donating their time and their energy to local charities and charities like the Salvation Army and Goodwill.

In addition, Philadelpians are also being asked to help with the rebuilding of the Fountain of Youth, which is undergoing a major rebuild after being damaged by Hurricane Florence.

The Salvation Army is helping rebuild the Fountain, which has suffered significant damage from Hurricane Florence and will be completely rebuilt next year.

The Fountain of Hope, which was built in 1928 by the Philadelphia-based Goodwill Industries of America, is the first-ever building that will be rebuilt to support the rebuilding efforts of the community.

The Goodwill Foundation has also donated its surplus money to the Fountain to be used for the reconstruction effort.

Philadoephians can give a total of $3,000 to the fountain, which will then be used to rebuild the rest of the facility.

The fountain is located at 631 W. 26th Street, in the heart of downtown Philadelphia.

The Fountain of Faith, a religious sanctuary in the Fountain District, was also rebuilt after being destroyed by Florence.

Philadelphis resident Daniel Williams, who lives in the area, was at the Fountain’s opening this weekend to volunteer.

He said the Fountain has been “in a bad place for a long time,” and he is “really happy to be able to help.”

“The Fountain has had a lot of damage and has been in a lot more of a disrepair for a while, so it’s been a very tough time for the community to get back together,” Williams said.

“Now that we’re able to come together and rebuild, I feel like we’re in a really good place for this project.”

A number of local charities have also partnered with the Fountain.

The Salvation Army donated a portion of the donations made through Sunday’s events to the local Salvation Army Community Foundation, which helps homeless youth.

The Philadelphia Salvation Army has also contributed $500 to the reconstruction of the City of Philadelphia’s Salvation Army Plaza, which opened earlier this month.

The fountain has also been upgraded with new LED lights and a new glass roof.

The donation of the fountain to the Goodwill will be a way to thank the community for the kindness and generosity that have been shown through the fountain’s rebuilding, said the Salvation Armistice of Philadelphia, which operates the fountain.


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